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From humble beginnings, Last Seconds has developed into one of the UK’s fastest-growing property companies, with a nationwide recognised brand. 

We began purely buying and selling properties, before developing a exceptional proposition that has attracted people from all areas of the UK who were motivated to sell their houses quickly. 

How we started 

In our earlier days, we organised the quick purchase of properties that no one else wanted to acquire. They were in bad condition of repair, damaged in fire or in depressed areas, experiencing high levels of crime and areas where the property market was stationary. 
Most of the properties purchased went through a renovation process using environmentally friendly materials, transforming the properties back into attractive inhabitable homes. Last Seconds quickly constructed a solid reputation and a reassuring guarantee to people who needed to sell their property quickly or for cash. 

Focused on fast property purchases 

Last Seconds grew to solve property difficulties for hundreds of people all over the UK by buying houses quickly. Once purchased, some properties were placed on the open market with local agents, while some were sold to investors. 
In most cases the properties were repaired and re-marketed making the neighbourhoods more attractive and the daily lives of those who live in the areas where they are located. Often these properties were reduced and sold to first-time buyers. 
By 2005, the company was buying and selling large numbers of residential and commercial properties annually. 

True to our roots 

Still acquiring high volumes of unsaleable and rundown properties for cash, Last Seconds now guarantees to purchase any property, in any condition and any location. 
Last Seconds also helps estate agents, house builders and property specialists throughout the country through their Approved Partner Network by working with estate agents to patch-up broken chains, offer part-exchange deals or assist when a client needs to sell quickly, regardless of the situation. 
The success of the company has been constructed on a solid foundation of helping people resolve their problems. All clients will receive a personal service, tailored to meet their requirements. 
Now the UK’s leading fast purchasing company continues to resolve property problems throughout the UK. 

Get Your Cash Offer 

We can make a cash offer in less than 24 hours from a valuation because we have a highly experienced team and a solid system aimed at guaranteeing a speedy transaction. We can complete the sale within 7 days if necessary. 
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